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Types of Disability

Types of Disability for Workers’ Compensation

Experienced Legal Representation In New Jersey For Every Type Of Disability Under Workers’ Compensation Law

When you or your loved one becomes dangerously ill as a result of exposure to risk factors arising from work activity, or when you suffer from a serious injury as a result of a workplace incident, it is easy to become overwhelmed by medical expenses, mounting bills and non-stop phone calls from insurance companies.

Most people don’t really understand what legal options they have, or which steps to take towards filing a workers’ compensation claim. At The Law Firm of Christopher A. Brown, we are dedicated attorneys who deal in workers’ compensation claims throughout New Jersey. Over the last 20 years, we have handled thousands of cases and helped countless people obtain the compensation they need and deserve. Our commitment to protecting the rights of injured workers has made us a leader in our legal community, and a trusted name amongst New Jersey law firms.

At The Law Firm of Christopher A. Brown, we know just how life-shattering it can be when an accident or injury results in a permanent disability, especially when it occurs to someone who was simply performing his or her normal work-related duties. When a negligent employer or third party is the cause of this victim’s disability, it is unacceptable. We fight for justice on your behalf.

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When you’ve been through a traumatic injury, you want only the best legal team on your side. Our lead workers’ compensation attorney, Jennifer Torsiello Cassett, has years of work related injury experience helping victims in Atlantic County and all over New Jersey recover the monetary damages they deserve.

Types of Disability:

Temporary Disability vs. Permanent Disability

A temporary disability is one that an individual is expected to recover from, although it may take many weeks, months, or even years before that recovery happens. Recovery can be very slow and gradual, and it can be a long time before that person is able to return to work. When someone has a permanent disability, however, they are not expected to recover. Depending on the extent of the disability and the line of work, some may never be able to return to work at all. Both temporary and permanent disabilities resulting from workplace injuries may qualify an individual for monetary compensation through a workers’ compensation claim. However, because permanent disabilities are irreversible and may prevent an individual from ever returning to work, those who are permanently disabled may qualify for additional workers’ compensation benefits.

Partial vs. Total Disability

When someone suffers from a total disability, it usually means he or she cannot perform work-related duties on any level whatsoever. On the other hand, an individual may be limited in the types of work-related duties he or she can perform if they are suffering from a partial disability rather than a total disability. Although a partial disability may eventually allow the person to return to work, performing to their fullest physical capabilities may be difficult or even impossible. For this reason, you want and need an experienced litigator on your side in order to collect the compensation you depend on in order to sustain your life and livelihood, whether that be for a short period of time, or indefinitely. The Law Firm of Christopher A. Brown handles every aspect of workers’ compensation claims and will be able to identify your case type and to determine whether you qualify for partial or total disability. Call us today for more information and to find out if you are eligible to file a claim.

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