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Permanent Benefits

Permanent Benefits: New Jersey Workers’ Compensation

Helping You Get Permanent Benefits

Under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation laws, all employees who are injured in workplace accidents are entitled to filing a claim that ensures that they receive adequate medical treatment and other financial benefits. Additionally, in many cases, employees who have minor or severe permanent injuries are entitled to permanent benefits after their temporary benefits have ended.

Oftentimes, workers’ compensation claims for permanent benefits are denied, delayed or only partially fulfilled. The workers’ compensation lawyers at the Brown law firm are well-versed in asserting the rights of New Jersey employees who have suffered lasting workplace injuries. For over 20 years, we have helped clients throughout Atlantic County assert their employment rights and get the compensation they deserve.

Financial Compensation After Maximum Medical Improvement

There are many stages to a workers’ compensation claim. New Jersey employees can pursue permanent benefits after a doctor has found that the employee has reached maximum medical improvement. Maximum medical improvement means that the injured employee will have some lasting permanent injury and that he or she has gotten as healthy as medically possible.

In these cases, depending on the seriousness of the injury, your workers’ compensation lawyers will pursue a permanent benefit award that is either partial — if the injury is minor — or total — if the injury is severe. In order to succeed in a permanent partial or permanent total benefits claim, it is essential that you have a skilled and experienced attorney on your case.

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After a workplace injury, you deserve to heal and to return to work as soon as possible. Our lawyers will guide you through the entire process. For a free case evaluation, call our firm at 609-344-8270 or use our online form.

Quality Legal Representation with Compassion & Integrity