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FAQs About Workers’ Compensation

Experienced Litigators Discuss The Facts About Workers’ Compensation In New Jersey

Workers’ Compensation is designed to compensate employees who suffer from work-related injuries or illnesses. When an individual files a Workers’ Compensation claim alleging that he or she suffered injuries as the result of an on-the-job incident, the law gives the defense (your employer) the right to require that a medical examination be performed for the purpose of evaluating your injuries. The doctor completing your evaluation will be asked to provide a diagnosis of your injuries and also to provide an opinion of the extent of permanent disability. That information is documented in a report that is issued on behalf of your employer and is used in the case to establish the nature and extent of permanent disability and a basis for an award of disability. Keep in mind that some New Jersey employers and their insurance carriers will do everything in their power to minimize their liability and reduce the amount of Workers’ Compensation coverage that they have to provide to their employees. Which is why New Jersey employees need to know more about workers’ compensation if they are going to pursue their right to benefits. The Law Firm of Christopher A. Brown can help you to learn about your rights so that your employer does not try to take advantage of you when you are injured.

It is important to remember that no two cases are identical, therefore it is important to discuss the details of your potential claim with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney from our firm as soon as possible. The lawyers at The Law Firm of Christopher A. Brown have helped New Jersey residents for more than 20 years to get millions of dollars in jury awards and settlements. If you have been injured on the job, our elite trial attorneys can help you to get the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for more information and to find out whether or not you are eligible to file a claim.

You may need to obtain legal counsel from a workers’ compensation attorney if you:

  • Need to file a workers’ compensation claim
  • Need help with a denied workers’ compensation claim
  • Need treatment workers’ compensation is not approving
  • Need help receiving the benefits you are owed
  • Need to take your case to trial
  • Need to pursue a third-party claim, which is sometimes referred to as a combination personal injury lawsuit and workers’ compensation claim

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

If you have a job, odds are you are protected under your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance plan. Therefore, should you ever get injured on the job or become ill from an occupational disease, you would be eligible to file a claim and to receive workers’ comp benefits. You do not necessarily have to have a dangerous job in order to be eligible to file a claim either! Let’s say you work in an Atlantic City casino, and your daily duties involve mostly a lot of sitting, computer work, and answering telephones, if you were to slip and fall in the bathroom of your casino, you would still be eligible to file a claim. Another example may include a scenario where there is a construction site on the premises of your workplace, and a falling object hits you on your way into the building, did you know that you would still be eligible to file a claim? While employees working in certain industries tend to be more susceptible to workplace injuries, they can happen to anyone, anywhere, and can affect your life and livelihood at any time.

Am I Eligible for Workers’ Compensation?

This is something that needs to be carefully evaluated individually. There are a lot of different factors that are taken into consideration when awarding workers’ compensation benefits to any individual. For starters, you must have been injured while performing work-related duties at work. In some cases, this alone can make a workers’ compensation claim very complex and may require investigation. For example, if you develop carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of repetitive computer work and now you have medical expenses (or even worse, you cannot work), you may be eligible for workers’ compensation—even though the injury is not catastrophic and no party is necessarily at fault. A common misconception is that someone needs to be “at fault” in order to file a workers’ compensation claim. But this is simply untrue. Fault is actually not assessed in workers’ compensation claims.

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