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Medical Malpractice

Atlantic City Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Experienced Attorneys Advocate for Clients’ Right to Compensation in Medical Malpractice Cases in Atlantic County, New Jersey

Most medical procedures carry an element of risk — there is the risk that the procedure does not succeed, or there is a risk that the procedure may cause complications, such as side effects from administration of medication. Where the known risks of a procedure are communicated to a patient who accepts those risks and the medical professionals involved in the procedure do everything they are supposed to, any harm that may result from the procedure does not amount to medical malpractice. Health care professionals cannot guarantee the outcome of any procedure, and a bad result from a procedure does not mean that it was the result of malpractice. However, just because a patient accepts the known risks of a medical procedure, that does not mean he or she also accepts the possibility that his or her medical professional render care in a negligent manner. Even though medical professionals are human and make mistakes, you still have the right to hold them responsible when their mistakes cause you harm. Medical professionals are required to render care according to a standard of care; when those professionals’ actions fall below that standard of care and injure a patient, that patient has a right to bring a medical malpractice claim.

Given the scientific nature of medicine, medical malpractice claims are often very complex matters, and that is before those claims even enter the already-complicated civil justice system. That is why any patient injured by a healthcare provider’s malpractice should seek the assistance of an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to help them pursue their claim. The attorneys of Christopher Brown Law vigorously advocate on behalf of our medical malpractice clients, guiding them through the claim process, answering the questions that may come up, and helping them obtain the maximum possible recovery.

The Various Forms of Medical Malpractice

The medical malpractice attorneys of Christopher Brown Law help clients across the Atlantic City region obtain compensation for their medical malpractice claims. Our attorneys have experience handling medical malpractice claims such as:

  • Hospital Negligence
  • Nursing Negligence
  • Emergency Room Errors
  • Surgical Errors
  • Medication Errors
  • Anesthesia Errors
  • Birth Injuries
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to Diagnose or to Timely Diagnose

We handle medical malpractice cases involving all severities of injury. If you were harmed by negligent medical care, contact our experienced medical malpractice lawyers today to discuss your options for pursuing compensation.

Proving Liability in Atlantic City Medical Malpractices Cases

Since medical malpractice is a type of negligence, to succeed in obtaining compensation for a medical malpractice claim you must prove the four elements of negligence:

  • Duty: In the context of medical malpractice, the element of duty is often referred to as the standard of care. The specific standard of care applicable to your case depends on the procedure you received and the qualifications and training of the individuals who performed the procedure. The standard of care required a healthcare provider to act in the same manner that a similarly-qualified provider would act in similar circumstances.
  • Breach: Breach involves a healthcare provider rendering care that falls below the applicable standard of care.
  • Causation: Causation occurs when a healthcare provider’s breach of the standard of care causes reasonably foreseeable injury to a patient.
  • Damages: An injured patient must prove he or she suffered damages as a result of a healthcare provider’s breach of the standard of duty; such damages might include medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Christopher Brown Law Fights to Protect Our Clients by Obtaining Full Compensation in Atlantic City Medical Malpractices Cases

New Jersey law imposes a time limit of two years to file a medical malpractice claim. This limit is known as the statute of limitations and begins running when an injured patient knows or should know that a medical provider’s negligence caused his or her injury. In many cases, the parties argue over when a patient knew or should have known this information since an injury may not be readily apparent after a medical procedure or it may not be clear the procedure caused the injury. The law also imposes some hard limits on extensions to the statute of limitations, such as the requirement to bring a claim for birth injuries by the child’s 13th birthday.

The experienced attorneys of Christopher Brown Law can review the facts of your case to determine whether your medical malpractice claim is timely or whether an exception to the statute of limitations applied.

Why Choose Christopher Brown Law?

Medical malpractice often results in serious, painful, sometimes life-long or even fatal injuries that require significant compensation. As a result, hospitals and doctors tend to aggressively defend against medical malpractice claims to avoid as much financial liability as possible. The dedicated medical malpractice attorneys will fight back against the efforts to avoid responsibility for your injuries and will hold negligent healthcare practitioners responsible to pay you the maximum compensation possible for your claim.

We offer a free consultation with an experienced attorney to discuss your legal rights and the compensation you may be entitled to. Contact us today by filling out our convenient online contact form. If you choose us to represent you in your medical malpractice claim, you pay nothing unless we secure compensation for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Atlantic City Medical Malpractice

FAQ: Who is liable in my medical malpractice case?

In many cases, the hospital where you were treated will be liable to pay compensation for your medical malpractice claim. This is because hospitals are liable for the negligence of the doctors, technicians, and nurses who are employees of the hospital. However, many doctors are not employees of the hospitals where they render care. As a result, any injuries resulting from those doctors’ negligence are typically compensated by the doctor and his or her medical malpractice insurance provider.

FAQ: If I signed a form accepting the risks of my procedure, can I still seek compensation if something went wrong?

By signing a consent form before your procedure, you accept the risks that your treatment may not work or that known complications may arise from the treatment. You do not accept the risk that your medical providers will fail to adhere to the standard of care and act negligently or recklessly. Our experienced lawyers will review your case to determine whether your injuries were a known risk that you agreed to or were the result of your providers’ negligence.

FAQ: How long will it take to receive compensation?

It is difficult to predict how long it may take to obtain a resolution of your medical malpractice claim. If all parties agree on liability, it may be possible to quickly settle after determining an amount of damages. If the hospital and doctors who treated you firmly believe your injuries are not the result of their negligence, they may resist offering a fair settlement, meaning you may not obtain the compensation you deserve until you go to trial, which means your claim will be subject to the timelines of the court system.

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