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The purpose of any personal injury claim is to ensure that you receive full compensation for injuries you have suffered in an accident that was not your fault. Personal injury claims often involve negotiating with insurance companies and defense lawyers of the parties responsible for your accident. These claims can involve needing to navigate the court system to enforce your legal rights to compensation. After an accident, trying to fight for fair and full compensation may be far from the top of the list of your priorities. Instead, your time, energy, and focus is typically on recovering from your injuries. You may also feel financial pressures from mounting medical bills and lost wages from missed work. In these circumstances, an initial settlement offer can seem like a lot of money when it pays off a lot of your pressing expenses. However, before you accept any settlement offer from an insurance company or defense lawyer, you should first consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who can advise you as to whether the settlement offer you’ve received is full and fair compensation for your injuries.

The personal injury attorneys of Brown Law provide experienced, vigorous representation to our clients who have been injured through no fault of their own. We know that our legal advice only works best when we get to know our clients, learn everything there is to know about their case, and understand how their injuries present challenges in their lives moving forward. Our attorneys are active in our community, so we understand what our clients go through and how to best help them. Our principal attorney is a New Jersey Supreme Court-certified civil trial attorney, a distinction earned by only three percent of New Jersey attorneys. We bring our experiences and knowledge to bear to maximize the compensation that our clients receive.

We Represent Egg Harbor Township Clients Injured in Personal Injury Cases

Brown Law represents clients injured in a wide variety of personal injury cases, including:

Our attorneys have helped clients obtain compensation for all kinds of injuries suffered in accidents. We can help you seek compensation for injuries minor to major, such as:

No matter what kinds of injuries, no matter how you were injured, the personal injury attorneys of Brown Law can help you obtain the financial recovery that fully and fairly compensates you for your injuries and the physical, emotional, and financial cost they represent.

Personal Injury Attorneys of Chris Brown Law Firm Support Injured Clients in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Because every injury suffered in an accident is unique, every personal injury case is equally unique, presenting its own set of complications and issues. That is why you need an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you through the complexities of pursuing a personal injury claim. Our attorneys understand that the effects of an accident extend far beyond physical injuries — accidents and their resulting injuries also have emotional and financial repercussions, for which you also deserve compensation. That is why we vigorously fight to ensure that you receive the full compensation you are entitled to.

Contact Our Dedicated and Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys to Discuss Your Egg Harbor Township Accident

When you’ve suffered injuries in an accident, you may wonder whether you are entitled to compensation from the party or parties that are responsible for the accident, and how to go about obtaining such compensation. Contact the personal injury attorneys of Brown Law today for a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney. When we take your case, you pay nothing unless we obtain compensation for you.

About Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Egg Harbor Township is a municipality in Atlantic County, New Jersey, getting its name from Dutch explorers who, upon anchoring in the inlet to the Great Egg Harbor River, noticed the plethora of bird eggs covering the meadows and named the area “Eieren Haven” (Egg Harbor). Dating back to colonial times, portions of Egg Harbor Township were split off to create many other municipalities in Atlantic County, including Atlantic City, Absecon, and Ventnor City. A non-contiguous section of the township fronts the Atlantic Ocean. Parts of Egg Harbor Township also lie within the state-designated Pinelands Area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury

FAQ: If I want to obtain compensation for my injuries caused by an accident, do I have to go to court?

In many cases, it is not necessary to go to court to obtain compensation for a personal injury claim. However, insurance companies sometimes prey on injured victims who need cash immediately to pay for medical bills and cover lost wages due to missed work, and who may not fully understand the legal process and are not represented by competent legal counsel. The attorneys of Brown Law are often able to quickly resolve your claim and obtain full and fair compensation by laying out the evidence to the insurance company or legal counsel for the responsible party or parties. If you wish to avoid the courtroom, we will work diligently to obtain the best possible settlement without the need for trial.

FAQ: Can I obtain compensation if my injuries were merely caused by an accident?

Even though we use the term “accident,” it is merely to reflect the fact that no one intended to injure anybody, the fact remains that everyone should — and has a legal duty to — avoid causing injury to others. If someone fails to act responsibly in taking steps to avoid causing injury to others, that person can be deemed negligent and therefore financially responsible for the damage and injury he or she causes.

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