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Careless Driving Tickets

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One of the most common tickets a person can receive, especially when associated with a motor vehicle accident, is Careless Driving.  Although a careless driving ticket will not result in jail time, it can have serious monetary consequences.  Associated with all careless driving violations are motor vehicle points. Accumulating too many points can lead to higher insurance rates and even license suspension.  In order to obtain a favorable outcome, it is important to be represented by a lawyer who knows how to handle traffic violations.

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The law enumerated under N.J.S.A. 39:4-97 states the following: 

A person who drives a vehicle carelessly, or without due caution and circumspection, in a manner as to endanger, or to be likely to endanger, a person or property, shall be guilty of careless driving. 

As stated before, the penalties that come with a careless driving violation can be very serious.  For a conviction of or a plea of guilty to careless driving, the Court must impose a fine of at least $50 and up to $200, plus court costs of $33.  These fines will be doubled if the violation occurred in a designated construction zone.  

In addition to the costly fines associated with a careless driving violation, 2 motor vehicle points will be added to your driving record.  Motor vehicle points will cause your insurance premium to increase. If you have six or more points on your driving record over a three-year period, you will be subject to a surcharge of at least $150 that will last as long as you have six points on your driving record.  The surcharge will increase by $25 for each additional motor vehicle point you receive. If you have 12 or more points on your driving record, your driver’s license will be suspended. A violation for driving while suspended carries very serious penalties.  

What Are My Options if I Received a Ticket for Careless Driving?  

Depending on your driving record, there are a couple of ways to handle a ticket for careless driving.  No matter what, it is very important to have a competent traffic attorney representing you. When discussing the case with the prosecutor, our attorneys experienced with New Jersey’s motor vehicle laws will negotiate on your behalf in order to obtain the best possible resolution.  

If you are willing to pay additional fines in order to receive zero (0) motor vehicle points, our attorneys can negotiate a plea agreement to the law charge of unsafe driving.  The monetary fine associated with unsafe driving is similar to those of careless driving, at least $50 and up to $150. Additionally, there is a mandatory motor vehicle surcharge of $250.  However, a violation for unsafe driving does not come with any associated motor vehicle points, ensuring that your insurance premiums will not increase.  

A person does not have unlimited uses of the plea reduction to unsafe driving, and the penalties associated increase for each additional violation.  For a second violation of unsafe driving, the fines increase to at least $100 and no more than $250. For a third or subsequent violation of unsafe driving, the fines increase to at least $200 and no more than $500.  Additionally, a person can only use a plea to unsafe driving three (3) times in their lifetime.  

What if these will be my first motor vehicle points on my driving record?

If your driving record contains zero (0) or only a couple motor vehicle points, a plea of guilty to careless driving may be beneficial for you.  There are numerous ways to decrease the number of points on your driving history. First, the Motor Vehicle Commission will deduct 3 points from your driving record each year as long as no additional violations occur.  Second, the Motor Vehicle Commission holds courses for defensive driving that, if completed, can deduct 2 points off of your driving record.  

No matter the situation, our experienced lawyers can discuss additional ways motor vehicle points can be removed from your driving record, as well as the best strategy for your case.  

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If you or anyone you may know has been received a motor vehicle ticket for careless driving, finding a competent attorney should be your top priority.  Effective representation in Municipal Court can greatly affect the outcome of your case.  

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