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Vaccination Injuries in Atlantic City, NJ

Vaccination Injuries in Atlantic City, NJ

vaccine injury lawyer hamilton new jerseyAs scientific advances in the treatment of common illnesses continue, the opportunities for vaccinations grow. These vaccinations can be critical in helping individuals susceptible to common illnesses avoid a life-threatening battle to recover, making them indispensable to the portion of the population that is at risk due to exposure. However, some vaccinations can be tainted and may cause injury to the patient who receives them. Today, we look at what kind of vaccination errors can occur, and how you can obtain compensation should you be injured by a vaccine.

Vaccinations Injuries Are More Commonplace Than You Might Think in Hammonton, NJ

Most vaccines are administered via injection into the shoulder area. Generally speaking, these injections are routine and no injuries arise. However, in taking the step to require vaccinations, the federal government recognized that injuries from those vaccinations would likely be unavoidable. As a result, they established the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), which is funded by fees on the costs of vaccines to ensure that lawsuits would not cause a vaccine shortage and lead to a surge in preventable diseases. Currently, the trust fund holds $2.2 billion and is used to pay claims related to injuries arising from the administration of a vaccine or a reaction to the vaccine itself. When claims are paid from VICP, they are considered no-fault – meaning that no entity is held responsible for the injuries – and no civil litigation is required in order to secure payment.

What Injuries Result from Vaccinations in Hamilton, NJ?

Most often, individuals are injured by vaccines when they have an allergic reaction to the vaccine itself or when the injection is made too deep or too shallow. The symptoms of these injuries normally arise within the two days following injection, but sometimes symptoms may not arise until later. The most common symptoms are shoulder problems and pain, but other symptoms include:

  • Frozen shoulder
  • Shoulder tendonitis
  • Shoulder bursitis
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Brachial Neuritis
  • Impingement syndrome
  • Adhesive Capsulitis
  • Shoulder dysfunction

How Are Vaccination Injuries Treated in Atlantic City, NJ?

Following diagnosis by a medical professional, most vaccine-related injuries are treated by a combination of pain medication, anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy. Many times, the resulting injury can be resolved by this course of treatment. However, long-term problems can persist, which can require regular injections to manage inflammation, or surgery to correct the damage. This is where the compensation provided by the VICP becomes crucial. The pain and loss of motion that can result from these injuries can have a serious impact on the ability of an individual to carry out prior activities, including certain types of work. The VICP provides a funding source for compensation for these individuals.

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Vaccination-Related Injuries in Pleasantville, NJ?

Generally speaking, the VICP is the primary source of funding for compensation related to vaccination injuries. Workers’ compensation is generally not implicated in these situations, because receiving a vaccination is not something that is part of a worker’s regular activity. However, if the worker was required to receive the vaccination as part of his or her job and was being vaccinated at the direction of his or her employer, the worker may have a worker’s compensation claim in addition to a claim under VICP.

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