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Two Rides Temporarily Closed After Death at Ohio State Fair

Two Rides Temporarily Closed After Death at Ohio State Fair

Two rides at Wildwood’s amusement park, Morey’s Piers, are set to be closed temporarily following the death of a person on a similar ride from the Ohio State Fair called”Fire Ball”. According to a statement released by a Morey’s Piers spokesperson, both rides at Wildwood, called “It” and “Maelstrom”, will be closed as a precaution. The spokesperson continued, stating,“We are working closely with the state and the manufacturer to understand the facts surrounding the incident and appreciate your patience in this matter”. Morey’s hasn’t released any information regarding when the rides might re-open.

The rides bear a strong similarity to one another, as both “It” and“Maelstrom” swing and spin at a dizzying 50 feet above the boardwalk. Closing the rides is a direct response to the malfunction of the ride at the Ohio State Fair which broke apart and dropped several riders, one of whom was an 18-year-old male who fell to his death. Debris from the ride also struck and injured people on the midway. The manufacturer of the ride has alerted different fairs that still feature this ride to suspend the operation of “Fire Ball” until an investigation can be completed.

Investigators on both a federal and state level have begun looking into the cause of the malfunction.

Amusement parks are supposed to be a fun place to get together and pass the time. People put their trust in the safety of the rides because of how carefully built they are. But when these rides are run down or experience a technical difficulty, people can be seriously injured.

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