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Millville NJ Police Nab Assault Suspects After Video of Attack Goes Viral

Millville NJ Police Nab Assault Suspects After Video of Attack Goes Viral


Police in Millville NJ arrested two people in connection with a violent attack that was captured on video and that subsequently went “viral” on the Internet. Moreover, law enforcement is still searching for additional suspects who may have participated in the attack.

The assault occurred around 7:00 p.m. near the intersection of Fourth Street and Garrison Avenue in Millville NJ. According to authorities, a 30-year-old female was walking in the area when a large group of people jumped her.

Remarkably, witnesses and passersby on the street failed to intervene or contact the police while the suspects were allegedly assaulting the victim. Many of the people who witnessed the attack were adults.

One person did stop to film the altercation on a cell phone. The video in question reportedly showed the victim being savagely assaulted. The attackers can be seen using their feet to stomp the victim while she is on the ground. At various points during the attack, the victim attempted to get up from the pavement; her attackers responded with punches and even went so far as to violently pull on the victim’s hair and drag her across the sidewalk.

After the brutal assault, someone finally dialed 911 to alert local law enforcement to the situation. Millville patrol officers and emergency medical responders rushed to the scene, where they found the victim suffering from serious injuries to her right eye and lacerations on her knees and arms. She was transported via ambulance to Inspira Medical Center in Vineland, NJ, where doctors treated her for her wounds. Hospital officials later said that the victim was in stable condition.

The chief of the Millville Police Department talked about the police response to the assault and questioned why at least one of the witnesses chose to record the fight instead of using their phone to contact law enforcement.

However, the video recording did end up being helpful to law enforcement. Millville police investigators were able to use the video to identify at least some of the people allegedly involved in the assault. The video was briefly posted on Facebook – it was quickly removed from the site – and soon went viral, spreading across the Internet and eventually being seen by detectives. Police investigators then “connected the dots” and located a few of the suspects.

So far, Millville NJ police have arrested two people who are suspected of participating in the violent assault on the victim. Two others have been identified as suspects, with a judge issuing warrants for their arrests.


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