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Groundbreaking New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Decision

Groundbreaking New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Decision

A recent workers compensation case in southern New Jersey found that workers’ compensation insurance in New Jersey may pay for an injured workers’ medical cannabis tab. This is the first known ruling of its type in New Jersey.

The worker injured his hand in 2014. He purchased medical cannabis in 2014 to manage pain. The employer wouldn’t agree to pay for the purchase. According to the New Jersey State Health Department, an ounce of cannabis costs approximately $490 plus seven percent sales tax. New Jersey’s medical cannabis costs are among the most expensive in the nation.

As consumer awareness of medical cannabis grows, states expensive more patients to sign up for it. According to the New Jersey administrative judge hearing the New Jersey injured worker’s case, medical cannabis isn’t considered as “debilitating” as some popular pain medicines, such as Percocet. The injured worker’s doctors said that medical cannabis helped him reduce the number of oral narcotics used to control pain.

New Jersey’s medical marijuana law, N.J.S.A. 24:6I-1, et. seq., is considered to benefit individuals with a limited number of injuries and conditions, including terminal illnesses with an expected prognosis of up to 12 months, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease), and Crohn’s disease.

Workers’ compensation laws in New Jersey protected injured workers. Filing a workers’ comp claim when you’re sick or injured is a challenging task. The State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development lists forms to be used when filing a workers’ compensation claim. Failure to submit the correctly prepared forms can delay the processing of your workers’ comp benefits.

If you were injured at work or became chronically ill as a result of your work, Christopher A. Brown Counselors at Law, a certified civil trial attorney, represents injured workers who have been denied claims or permanent benefits. Call the New Jersey workers’ compensation claim specialists at Christopher A. Brown Counselors at Law at 609.344.8270 to discuss your potential case.

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