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National Safety Council Promotes Summer Safety

National Safety Council Promotes Summer Safety

Organizations throughout New Jersey and the United States are recognizing the importance of summer safety by offering classes, workshops, and other information on improving safety and avoiding accidents. Here are some of the NSC’s top safety topics to implement all year long:

  • The NSC offers online safety courses. Register at nsc.org for classes in First Aid, CPR, and AED use. These classes can help you ensure you know what to do if an injury occurs.
  • The NSC also offers free webinars. Check out the National Safety Council website for a new free webinar each month on how to improve safety in your home, workplace, and hobbies.
  • Know the big safety risks in your home. Did you know that clothes dryers are one of the biggest causes of household fires? Or that falls put elderly Americans at the highest risk for traumatic brain injury of any age group? When you know where the risks are, you can take simple but effective steps to reduce them.
  • Practice summer safety. Sunshine, swimming, fireworks, and barbecues: they’re the ingredients of a fun summer, but they all come with risks. With just a bit of planning ahead, however, you can help ensure your summer memories are happy ones.
  • Encourage your own and your family’s wellness. Fatigue is one of the top causes of falls, motor vehicle accidents, and other injuries. By prioritizing a triad of exercising, eating well, and sleeping regularly, you can reduce fatigue—reducing accident risks and making your summer more enjoyable.

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