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Motorist Gets 3 Years Probation In Crash That Killed Teen Pedestrian

Motorist Gets 3 Years Probation In Crash That Killed Teen Pedestrian


A tragic accident resulted in the death of a young juvenile when a 15-year-old was walking home from a carnival and attempted to cross Route 42 in Washington Township. After crossing the four-lane highway, the juvenile was struck by a vehicle on the southbound shoulder. The driver immediately panicked and fled the scene. Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office reports that the driver returned to the scene a few minutes later, and responding police indicated the driver had been traveling at unsafe speeds. Police also concluded that the accident was a result of unlawful passing. The 15-year-old was crossing the road in an area without a crosswalk, so this was taken into consideration when pursuing charges against the driver.

The driver was initially charged with knowingly leaving the scene of an accident that resulted in death, but he later agreed to plead guilty to the third-degree charge of leaving the scene of an accident with serious injury. He will remain on probation for three years and have his driver’s license suspended for three months. The conditions of probation include substance abuse evaluations, random drug testing, probation officer visits to the home and frequent reporting to the probation officer.

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