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Lower Township NJ Man Dies in Fatal Car Crash on Middle Township Road

Lower Township NJ Man Dies in Fatal Car Crash on Middle Township Road

Lower Township NJ Man Dies in Fatal Car Crash on Middle Township Road

A Lower Township NJ man was killed in a car accident on a local roadway.

The tragic auto accident went down a short time after 9:00 p.m. on North Wildwood Boulevard in Middle Township, New Jersey. The victim was behind the wheel of his car and attempting to move across the road, which has four lanes, when he was hit by another motor vehicle. The other car involved in the accident was traveling eastbound and was driven by a 47-year-old Pennsylvania man.

Immediately after the violent collision, a passenger in the Pennsylvania motorist’s car exited the vehicle and quickly ran to the Meadowbrook Motel to get assistance. The owner of the motel later spoke with police and said that the male passenger shouted “I think we just hit someone” while running through the door.

Meanwhile, the Pennsylvania man remained at the scene of the car crash and directed traffic away from the victim’s body in the middle of the road.

The victim was 34 years of age when he died in the car collision. Tragically, this is the second scary car accident to have a profound impact on the victim’s family. Just a few years ago, the victim’s brother was seriously injured in an auto accident in Upstate New York. According to family members, he is still in the process of trying to physically recover from the injuries he sustained in the car crash. In fact, the siblings lived together in the Burleigh of Lower Township NJ, with the now-deceased brother helping his younger brother get to his regular rehab sessions and doctor’s appointments.

The Middle Township Police Department is actively investigating the fatal accident and trying to determine whether anyone may have been at fault for the collision. At this time, law enforcement has not issued any traffic citations in connection with the fatal crash.

The victim’s father has actually been assisting investigators by going around the Middle Township neighborhood and knocking on doors of local businesses to find out if anyone may have witnessed the car crash. The father is also hoping that at least one of the businesses might have security surveillance footage that shows the fatal auto accident.

For additional information, view the Press of Atlantic City article, “Father of Man Killed on Causeway Looks for Answers.”


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