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Low Impact Car Accidents May Cause Whiplash Injuries

Low Impact Car Accidents May Cause Whiplash Injuries

New Jersey Car Accident LawyerMany people assume that a low-impact car accident causes no injuries. In fact, even a crash at which vehicles are traveling under ten miles per hour can result in injuries.

Whiplash Injuries Resulting From New Jersey Car Accidents

“Whiplash” injuries, or neck sprain, can easily occur in a low-impact accident. Even though the vehicle’s bumpers are designed to handle such a crash, occupants of the vehicle may still feel the impact, especially if they are sitting upright or leaning slightly forward at the moment of the crash. The forces of the impact can cause the head and neck to jerk back and forth in ways that damage the delicate soft tissues of the neck.

Other types of injuries may also occur during a low-speed crash. For instance:

  •         Whiplash injuries to the neck may occur.
  •         Soft tissue injures to the low back may occur as the person is jerked backward into their seat.
  •         Impact with the seat may also cause injury to the chest or ribs.

Your injuries may be exacerbated depending on your size, build, and how your body fits against the vehicle seat. For instance, tall people may experience more severe whiplash injuries because their heads are too far above the headrest for the headrest to protect them. People with low muscle mass or a slight bone structure may also experience more severe injuries, because they lack “internal protective mechanisms” to help reduce injury risks.

As with any whiplash injuries, those caused by a low-speed crash can take a few hours or days to set in. After any accident, it is best not to comment on what your injuries might be until you see a doctor who can tell you whether or not you are injured and prescribe a course of treatment.

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