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How to Recover From Medical Bills After an Accident in NJ

How to Recover From Medical Bills After an Accident in NJ

personal injury lawyer atlantic city njObtaining Compensation After a Personal Injury in New Jersey

Would you be shocked to learn that someone who was at-fault for your accident may not be held liable for the financial fallout? While shocking, it’s often true in states like New Jersey who use a no-fault insurance system. What exactly do these laws mean for you and your medical bills? Find out the answers below.

What Are New Jersey’s No-Fault Laws?

There are two main types of insurance laws states follow fault and no-fault. In fault-based states, the driver deemed at-fault for the accident will usually be on the hook for the financial damages. This type of system often leads to long court battles.

To offset the large number of personal injury claims, some states have turned to a no-fault system. These insurance laws require all motorists to purchase personal injury protection insurance. When an accident happens, this coverage is usually what pays for your medical bills regardless of who caused it. Here’s a list of the type of factors that determine whether personal injury protection will cover you:

  • Who owns the vehicle (PIP covers the car’s owner)
  • The victim’s relationship with the driver (PIP covers relatives)
  • Whether the victim was a pedestrian
  • Whether a motorcycle was involved (Usually doesn’t include PIP)

After an accident, you’ll need to file a claim for PIP coverage. If you need any assistance, then a personal injury attorney can help.

How Do I Recover Financially From an Accident in New Jersey?

Other than medical bills, what other losses will PIP cover after an accident? In New Jersey, PIP also covers lost wages and any funeral costs in the event of a wrongful death. The total limits of wage-loss recovery can’t exceed the normal income of the driver. You can also get compensation for essential services that you’re unable to perform due to your injury. The limit for these tasks is only about $12 per day.

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