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Gerber Baby Food Ravioli Recall Highlights Risks of Mislabeling Products

Gerber Baby Food Ravioli Recall Highlights Risks of Mislabeling Products


Gerber, the NJ-based manufacturer of baby food products, recently issued a product recall of ravioli that was mislabeled. Gerber cheese ravioli baby food, part of the company’s Pasta Pick-Ups brand, potentially exposed children to illness because the product label failed to mention that kids with egg allergies should avoid consumption.

These kinds of mislabeling mishaps affect all kinds of food items sold in New Jersey and elsewhere in the US. Sometimes, a mistake on product packaging ends up being harmless. However, when a company neglects to include warnings about possible allergic reactions to an ingredient in a food or beverage product, the results can be catastrophic for anyone who unknowingly ingests the food or beverage.

Beyond that, there is also the question of liability for the manufacturer or distributor responsible for the labeling mistake. The reality is that large companies like Gerber may produce thousands or even millions of products. A single labeling error can cause serious health issues for a lot of consumers. When this happens, the sick or injured consumer may be able to file a personal injury or product liability lawsuit against the product manufacturer or distributor. This could expose the liable company to millions of dollars in damages, depending on the type of labeling error and the severity of illnesses or injuries suffered by customers. In this instance, the Gerber ravioli products were distributed nationwide via both retail stores and the Internet – which means that a lot of consumers could have been exposed to adverse health consequences.

That is likely why Gerber voluntarily issued the recent recall of its cheese ravioli baby food. According to a statement released by the company, the list of ingredients on the packaging did not go far enough to highlight the presence of eggs among the ingredients. Although “egg” was mentioned on the label, U.S. food and health laws require Gerber to include “egg” on a separate list of allergens.

There have not yet been any reports of consumers, either young or old, getting sick as a result of eating the affected Gerber ravioli products.


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