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Surprising Drop in DUI Arrests Found

Surprising Drop in DUI Arrests Found

A recent news investigation by Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta has found that DUI arrests for the entire state of Georgia have dropped by 50 percent.  In 2016, Georgia police across the state made almost 50,000 less DUI arrests than they did in 2008.  This decrease has occurred over less than a decade and determining the exact cause of this drop can be difficult.

One of the first situations that may be considered as to why this happening is ride-share apps. Lyft and Uber are relatively new to the scene and very easy to use compared to having to deal with taxis.  A user only has to request a pickup from wherever they happen to be, and a driver comes to get them.  This is a convenient and safe way to wrap up a fun night out on the town drinking and dancing that doesn’t put a person in danger of going against the law.

However, while there are plenty of drivers and users of ride-sharing apps in Georgia, there’s another reason that DUI arrests have been on the decline.  That is there aren’t officers that are available to pull over people suspected of driving under the influence.  Due to a shortage of police officers, many departments are having to decide where to focus their workforce, and in many cases, other crimes that are called in by the community get priority over traffic enforcement.  

This news is cold-comfort if you or a loved one have been arrested for a DUI.  It can be a very worrisome condition to find yourself in, and often, it seems as though your life as you knew it is over.  This is where an experienced attorney can be of great assistance. Contact the law firm of Christopher A. Brown today to get the experienced defense you need for your DUI case.

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