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Don’t be a Ghoul, Stay Safe This Halloween

Don’t be a Ghoul, Stay Safe This Halloween

personal injury lawyer atlantic city njHalloween is one of the most exciting holidays. Between getting a sugar rush from all the candy to picking out your favorite costume, Halloween is just one of those holidays that it’s hard not to look forward to. Even though we are in the midst of a pandemic, the Halloween season is still in full swing in the Garden State, with Governor Murphy making a point to not cancel the frightful festivities. However, even without the Coronavirus, Halloween always comes with a certain amount of risks and dangers. Learn what they are so you and your loved ones can stay safe this Halloween season.

Scary Statistics About Halloween

Did you know that the number of pedestrian accidents increases on Halloween night? According to statistics, the average number of child pedestrian fatalities per day (2.6) jumps to 5.5 fatalities on Halloween night.

In addition to this startling increase, fatal car and pedestrian accidents involving children 15 year old and under occur most frequently between the hours of 4:00pm-8:00pm – usually at the height of trick-or-treating in most parts of the state. Of these fatalities, approximately 84% of them occurred at non-intersections, showing the likelihood of a driver hitting a child who darted across the street to visit another house. This is why both parents and drivers need to be extra vigilant this upcoming weekend.

Safety Tips for Parents

We’re parents ourselves so we know how excited your kids are for Halloween. Before they go out, make sure you instruct your children to always stay on the sidewalk and to only cross the street at designated crosswalks and only when it is safe to do so. Additionally, parents should make sure that their children carry flashlights with them so they are more visible to drivers. Parents should also put reflective tape on their kid’s costumes or have them wear a brightly colored costume that are easier to spot after the sun goes down.

It’s also important for parents to make sure that their children don’t wear anything that can obstruct their view. As it stands, trick-or-treaters are encouraged to wear their medical masks to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19, which experts warn parents to not wear a costume mask over the medical one so children have an easier time to breathe. Last but not least, parents are always encouraged to accompany children while they are out trick-or-treating.

Safety Tips for Drivers

Since Halloween is on a weekend this year, it allows for an even greater opportunity for parents and adults to get together with friends. However, it’s important for drivers to always practice safe driving habits, especially since the risk of accidents increases so much on Halloween. On Halloween night in New Jersey, drunk driving accidents actually increase; in fact, between the years of 2007 and 2011, 52% of all the national fatalities that occurred on Halloween night were the result of drunk driving. Remember, drinking and driving is against the law.

Here are some additional safety habits you should keep in mind if you’re going to be out and about on Halloween night:

  • Adhere to the posted speed limit
  • Be mindful when backing out of a driveway and be on the lookout for families walking behind your vehicle or in your blind spot
  • Check that all of your lights work before driving anywhere
  • Do not pass other vehicles that are stopped in the roadway, as they could be dropping off children or letting them cross the street
  • Do not use a cell phone. The text and phone call can wait.
  • Do not drink and drive. If you are drinking, make sure you have a designated driver to take you back to your destination.
  • Do not wear your mask in the car; put it on when you reach your destination so it doesn’t obscure your view while you are driving
  • If you are dropping children off, make sure to put your hazards on so other cars know to stop

This Halloween, we want you and your family to stay scary safe.

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