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Common Mistakes When Applying for Workers’ Comp

Common Mistakes When Applying for Workers’ Comp

Worker's Comp Injury Lawyer NJYour place of work is somewhere you will spend the majority of each week for a big chunk of your life. On average, people end up spending roughly one-third of their lives at work, which comes out to about 90,000 hours total. 

It is safe to say that your job is a big part of your life, setting the tone for your day-to-day activities. With so much of your time spent at work, it makes it extremely important that you are in a safe, hazard-free working environment. That way you can safely return to your home and your family, friends, or pets and be supported in the lifestyle you choose to lead.

Workplace Injuries Can Happen Anywhere

An unfortunate truth is that workplace accidents happen all the time and they can leave you injured. Do not think accidents only happen on construction sites or jobs with a lot of physical activity. They can happen in a commercial office building all the same.

The good news is that under New Jersey law if you do end up injured on the job, you have the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation. This claim is meant to help cover any expenses you incur because of your injury.

It is a great system and one that is in place to really look out for employees. Despite that, many people end up without those benefits because they made the following common mistakes when filing their claim.

Failing to Notify Your Employer

Fortunately, there is a good chance your employer will be aware of your injury if the incident took place and required immediate medical attention and treatment onsite. But often times, injuries can take place without anyone noticing.

It is important to notify your employer and others in charge of your incident and any injuries you suffered from it. In some cases, your company might have a list of medical professionals for you to see in such an event. You might need to see one of those doctors in order to qualify for workers’ compensation.

Making your employer aware of your incident also puts in on record. You should make sure it is recorded and filed somewhere and request a copy of any forms you might have to fill out.

Delaying Medical Assistance or Examination

Once you realize you have been injured because of an accident, you need to seek medical attention. It is important to get on a record the fact that you seek professional medical attention. It also helps because sometimes injuries do not show themselves immediately.

A medical professional can help evaluate and examine your condition with accuracy. It is also important to get follow up examinations for any injuries. This way you can monitor their progress to make sure they are healing and going away.

Again, request any copies of any treatments and prescriptions from your medical professional. These documents will serve as proof of your injury when you file your claim, making it that much stronger.

NJ Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Can Help

When it comes down to it, hiring an experienced lawyer can help in making sure you have everything you need to successfully file your workers’ compensation claim. The lawyers at The Law Firm of Christopher A. Brown have been helping New Jersey workers injured on the job get the compensation they deserve.

Their years of experience and desire to help you make them your best option when it comes to workers’ compensation. If you or a loved one has been injured while on the job, do not waste another second.

Contact The Law Firm of Christopher A. Brown at 609-336-4144 and set up a free consultation today.

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