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Brain Injury Lawsuits: 4 Things You Should Know

Brain Injury Lawsuits: 4 Things You Should Know

Brain Injury LawyerIt is normal to have a lot of questions following a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Of course, you will have questions about your treatment and expected rehabilitation. If your TBI was caused by another person, whether intentionally or neglectfully, then you might have questions on who will cover the costs.

4 Things You Should Expect From Your Brain Injury Lawsuit

Brain injury lawsuits can be lengthy and confusing to navigate. Consider these factors that can help you navigate your lawsuit.

The Cause of the TBI Matters

While the treatment of a TBI is focused on the type of damage and how severe it is, when it comes to legal matters, the cause that led to the TBI is also important. The cause that led you to suffer a TBI will determine the type of legal case and the individual requirements for filing that case.

These are a few common causes that could affect your legal options:

  • Slip and fall accident: If you slip and fall and suffer a TBI while visiting a private property or commercial building, then negligence becomes an important factor
  • Car accidents: Auto accidents , i.e. – truck accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents and more – can lead to a TBI. If an auto accident is the cause of your TBI, then your lawyer will file a personal injury case
  • Using a defective item: If a defective product was the cause of the TBI, then your lawyer will file a product liability lawsuit
  • Medical mistake: If there were mistakes during the treatment of your TBI or you suffered a TBI due to a medical doctor’s mistake, then you might have a medical malpractice case

The details of your case are important when determining which court and how your lawyer will file your claim.

Filing a Claim Takes Time

Filing a claim for a TBI injury takes time. Your legal team will need to build your case by collecting medical records, witness statements, expert reports, and images or videos from the incident. New Jersey limits claims through statute of limitations, based on the type of case. Failing to file within this time period can deem your case ineligible.

Each Case is Unique

It is not easy to compare your case to the ones you view on TV or have even experienced firsthand. Each legal case is unique and it is important for your legal team to determine the best route to take for yours. For example, some cases will require the testimony of expert witnesses. Others might require a careful collection of all medical records.

It Is Important For You to Be Whole Again

Filing a claim in court is not done just to collect compensation. Instead, it is done with the intent of making you whole again. If you require ongoing medical care, your compensation should cover that. If you’re unable to work in the same career, your compensation should make up for the difference in wages. This can be difficult to calculate. But, when you work with an experienced legal team, they can help you determine not only how the TBI has, but how it will also, affect your life.

Consider these factors when determining your legal options following a TBI.

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