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Serious Injuries from an Atlantic City Slip-and-Fall Accident

Serious Injuries from an Atlantic City Slip-and-Fall Accident

People suffer slip and fall accidents every day in New Jersey. The following case example demonstrates the progress of a premises liability lawsuit:

Last summer, an Atlantic City, New Jersey woman named Alice went grocery shopping at a local grocery. Malfunctioning freezer units caused the grocer to transfer frozen foods to backup freezers, but lots of water dripped from the shopping area units to the floor.

Alice’s right foot slid on a pool of standing water on the floor. Her sandal snagged on a rubber mat placed on the floor and her foot rolled out and turned beneath her. She attempted to reach for the freezer door with her left hand but, as she made contact, the door opened and caught her ring finger and bent fingers in the opposite direction as she hit the hard floor surface.

Front office grocery store employees called an ambulance. She was rushed to the nearest hospital emergency room. Doctors explained that Alice suffered a broken right ankle. Her left hand was swollen because she suffered a tendon injury. ER doctors referred Alice to an orthopedic surgical practice. With splints on her right ankle and left hand, she went home on crutches. Doctors warned her not to overdo it because, at 53 years of age, Alice’s body would need three or four weeks to heal.


Many insurer companies settle a New Jersey premises liability slip-and-fall accident like Alice’s. After several exchanges with her attorney, the insurance company proposed a settlement to avoid going to trial. Although Alice’s attorney was ready to go to trial, Alice accepted the insurance company’s settlement offer.

Each premises liability lawsuit is different. If you have suffered a slip-and-fall accident or premises liability injury in New Jersey, you need experienced, aggressive representation. Contact Christopher A. Brown Counselors at Law to discuss your potential case at 609.344.8270 now.

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