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Amazon Workers Left to Struggle with Injuries Following Accidents in Warehouses

Amazon Workers Left to Struggle with Injuries Following Accidents in Warehouses

Amazon Workers Left to Struggle with Injuries Following Accidents in Warehouses

Amazon Workers Left to Struggle with Injuries Following Accidents in Warehouses

Even though Amazon owner Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest person in history, employees are being left to struggle with injuries they have suffered on the job in warehouses across the country. Bezos is worth a reported $150 billion, yet Amazon is not helping employees recover from injuries. Instead, some are living in their cars when not at work just to make ends meet. Others are having to quit and not receive compensation for their injuries.

A Dangerous Place to Work

Amazon might be one of the most popular and most convenient companies in the world when it comes to customers, but not so much when it comes to employees. The company was named one of the worst places to work in the United States recently.

The list is released by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health. The organization placed Amazon on the list known as the dirty dozen, which features the 12 most dangerous companies to work for in the United States. Amazon was added to the list in April 2018.

Amazon was added to the list by the organization for various reports made against the company for unsafe working conditions. The company was also added to the list due to its focus on productivity and efficiency instead of the health, wellbeing, and safety of its employees.

The Stories from Employees

An employee at an Amazon fulfillment center in Pennsylvania was fired from her job after she suffered injuries to her leg and back after falling off a ladder at work. The ladder the employee was working on was slammed into by someone else, which threw her from it. She was originally informed she would receive short-term disability for 26 weeks but it was cut short by the company after just five weeks of payments.

An Amazon employee in Florida filed a lawsuit against the company in April 2018 after suffering an injury on the job and then being relieved of his duties. The employee reportedly notified supervisors of the injury but Amazon did not file a workers’ compensation claim. The company supposedly told the employee that he was not old enough to require back problems and never had a shot at human resources approving a visit to a doctor before being fired.

On October 24, 2017 an employee at the Haslet, Texas warehouse for Amazon suffered an injury to her back. The employee was counting products when she suffered the back injury. She went to the warehouse’s triage center for employees where she was issued a heating pad to use while remaining at work. She was then sent home for a handful of days in a row without receiving pay. When workers’ compensation was approved the employee attended physical therapy. She returned to work at the start of 2018 but injured herself again working at the exact same counting station.

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