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Accident on Walking Dead Set

Accident on Walking Dead Set


Accidents at work are tough for all involved.  The person that’s often injured has to miss out on work that puts their entire personal life at risk, and in some cases, loved ones are left mourning a family member that’s been fatally harmed at work.  The co-workers have to move forward knowing that one of their own was hurt or killed.  Recent tragedy has struck the very popular Walking Dead set where a stuntman was injured during a stunt and later passed away at the hospital.

During a shoot for the fan favorite AMC show, one of the stuntmen fell over 20 feet and landed on a concrete floor.  It has been reported that he missed the safety equipment that was intended to catch him.  After the fall, the stuntman was airlifted to the hospital to be seen for his serious injuries where he was put on a ventilator.  He sustained a head injury and other injuries from the fall, and family members made the hard decision based on medical advice to turn off the ventilator due to his being brain dead.

All work on the set was postponed after the injury occurred so that this incident could be investigated by the proper authorities to determine what could have caused this accident to occur and how this could’ve been prevented.  Both the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and SAG-AFTRA are investigating.

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